Will there be any future studies to include BMI of 40 or above?

At this time, we don’t have plans for a future study.

My Before & After image information is incorrect, can you fix it?

Please resubmit with the corrected information.

I submitted my photos and haven’t received a response?

Please be sure to check your spam folder. Or, email compliance@plexusworldwide.com with questions.

How many times can I submit a Before & After image for approval?

Keep your story updated—and compliant—by submitting your images for approval throughout your weight loss journey. This way you can continue to share your success!

I haven’t lost pounds, but I have lost inches. Why isn’t inches lost an option?

Weight and inches are two separate and unrelated metrics. The clinical study conducted for Plexus TriPlex™ and Slim focused on pounds.

Can I include a testimony when I share my approved Before and After image?

Testimonies shared along with your Before & After image, must be compliant. Be true, honest and transparent, and use the facts you provided in your submission. If you have concerns about your testimony please contact compliance@plexusworldwide.com.

No matter where you are in your journey, photos tracking your progress can be helpful – and motivating! The Plexus Before & After Tool helps you tell your story in a way that is transparent and easy to understand. All images submitted through this tool are approved for use by the Plexus Compliance Team. Use the form to complete your submission and if your images and information are approved, within 5-7 business days you’ll receive your custom Before & After image that can be shared anywhere!
  1. Use your smart phone!
  2. Take your pictures in good lighting. Photos that are dark or grainy may be declined.
  3. Save your photos at their FULL size, without text or filters. Images of only your face or images that don’t show enough of your body can make it difficult to compare your photos and may require a resubmission.
  4. Have someone else take the picture for you.
  5. Photos with other people could be misleading—be the star of your own photo and don’t submit group shots.
  6. Photos taken against a plain or white background turn out best.
  7. Take both Before and After photos from several angles—front view, back view, side view, etc. Choose the angle that best demonstrates your transformation.
  8. Consider your wardrobe. Wearing loose fitting clothes may make it difficult to see your weight loss.
  9. Show off the REAL YOU! Don’t suck it in or be tempted to Photoshop. The real you tells the right story.
  10. Lewd or vulgar photos won’t be approved.

Build Your Before & After

Step 1

Step 2


  • Your date range is over two years and your submission will not be approved by Compliance. Please select dates that demonstrate the range when you experienced the greatest weight loss.

Step 3

Please select a date range that demonstrates when a majority of your weight loss occurred. Including the dates you maintained the weight loss is not necessary for the tool.

For example, if you lost 30 pounds between March 1st, 2015 and June 1st, 2015 but have maintained the weight loss to-date, your Before image should be what you looked like in March 2015 and your After image should be what you looked like in June 2015. The two dates entered into the Builder would be March 1, 2015 and June 1, 2015. There is no need to extend the date range to include today.

Please double check the fields above for accuracy prior to submitting your before and after photos!

As consideration for being selected to participate in Plexus’s testimonial and advertising program (“Program”), you hereby consent to allow your personal testimonial and/or photographs to be used by Plexus in the Program and irrevocably grant to Plexus, its successors and assignees and affiliated entities, the right to make, use, reuse, reproduce, modify, publish, republish and create derivative works of your testimonial and/or photographs in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, including the Internet, DVD, CD, video, TV and radio and print advertisements, inserts, brochures, and sales collateral, (collectively referred to as “Media”), worldwide, in perpetuity for any purpose; and to utilize your full name, likeness, written testimonial, in part or in its entirety, as Plexus sees fit. You hereby exclusively grant, assign and convey all right, title and interest, in your personal testimonial and/or photographs and/or any use, reuse, reproduction, modification, publication, republication and creation of derivative works from your personal testimonial and/or photos to Plexus. You hereby release and agree to hold harmless Plexus, its representatives, employees, officers, members, partners, directors, agents for any claims arising out of the use of your personal testimonials and/or photographs in any Media.